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The Study of Indonesia Industrial Development in Political Economy Approach


隨著金融風暴的復甦,近年印尼經濟受到重視,國際經濟學者以「金磚第五國」形容廣大內需市場背後的經濟潛力;中華民國政府也積極想與印尼官方合作,希望藉由產業結盟的力量促成簽訂「台印經濟合作協定」。在繁華背後,印尼的產業發展卻受到不同政治經濟因素的影響。本文綜合作者過去的研究,本文主要焦點是針對印尼產業結構,歸納提出五個政治經濟角度:1.國家統合主義:爪哇文化;3.經濟民族主義;4.蘇哈托與其家族 5.阿里巴巴與亞洲教父;等五個特徵觀察與解釋印尼產業發展受到的政治經濟結構限制。本文發現:受限於上限結構因素,使得印尼的產業發展受到限制;若非進行政經體制的結構性改變,要達到完全的產業發展還有一段長路,對於有意投資印尼台商而言,是值得注意的焦點。 關鍵字:印尼經濟、產業政策、政治經濟途徑、亞洲教父、經濟民族主義 .


In this paper, we descried current Indonesia industries in political economy approach and give three advices for Taiwan Businessman investment in Indonesia:

• The Javanese Culture has a great deal of “unwritten rules” that troubled Taiwanese investors. Although the anti-corruption effort of the government is working, it will still need to completely eradicate this practice. Taiwanese Investors cannot understand the need to pay more taxes after projects have been


• Indonesia adopts an economic nationalism policy primarily to protect its own interest. The government is clearly aware that it cannot fully rely on export. Foreign investors entering this market should be very cautious upon entering this territory.

In sum, we think The Asian Godfather monopoly structure in Indonesia will make it very hard for Taiwanese investors to establish its independent operation. While partnership and cooperation can be considered prospective investors needs to weigh their options carefully before entering into any agreement.

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Keyword: Indonesia Economy, Industry Policy, The Political Economy Approach, Asian Godfather, Economic Nationalis



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