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Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning

僑委會於「全球華文網」新設「Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning」專頁,以英中對照方式呈現「臺灣華語文學習中心」據點、開課資訊,以及合適華語非母語之外國人使用之僑委會自編教材資源等相關內容。

該專頁已於2022年1月17日正式上線 ,歡迎上網瀏覽。

The Overseas Chinese Affairs Council has set up a new page of “Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning” on the “Global Chinese Language Network”, presenting the “Taiwan Chinese Language Learning Center” base, course opening information, and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Council suitable for non-native Chinese speakers in English and Chinese. Will self-compile teaching materials and other related content.

The page was officially launched on January 17, 2022, welcome to browse online.

If you have any relevant questions and suggestions, you can report them through the "Global Chinese Network" customer service mailbox (



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