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Two Master Program in Information System Management at BINUS Universityaccepted Double Degree Maste

Two promising students from the Master Program in Information System Management at BINUS University, Maheswara Rabbani and Josua Jeffrey Handopo, have achieved a significant academic milestone. They have been accepted for a Double Degree Master Study at the Department of Information Management English Program at the prestigious National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) for the Fall 2023 intake.

This exceptional opportunity entails a distinctive educational journey for both students. Over the course of two years, Maheswara Rabbani and Josua Jeffrey Handopo will undergo a comprehensive academic experience. The first year will be spent at BINUS University, while the second and final year will take place at NTUST. Upon successful completion of the program, they will be awarded the degree of Master of Information Systems Management (MMSI) from BINUS University and the degree of Master of Information Management (M.I.M) from NTUST.

The significance of this Double Degree program reaches beyond individual achievement. The program's overarching goal is to equip all graduates of the Information Systems Management Masters study program at BINUS University with a multidisciplinary experience that serves as an invaluable advantage. This preparation empowers students to excel in a global context, be it within multinational corporations, governmental organizations, or as visionary entrepreneurs with a global perspective.

The implications of this program extend to various dimensions:

1. Competitive Edge in Global Markets: By gaining multidisciplinary exposure through a double degree, students like Maheswara Rabbani and Josua Jeffrey Handopo are poised to outshine competition in the international job arena. This equips them with skills and insights to excel across diverse sectors and geographies.

2. Enhancing Indonesian Enterprises: As these students join the global network, they carry the potential to influence Indonesian companies where they will eventually contribute their expertise. Their international exposure infuses a global outlook, positioning them to further Indonesia's presence on the global stage.

3. Empowering Entrepreneurial Ventures: With a global mindset nurtured through such programs, these graduates are prepared to scale their entrepreneurial ventures, ultimately making substantial contributions to the Indonesian economy.

This achievement echoes BINUS University's commitment to offering students opportunities that transcend borders and foster academic excellence. The success of Maheswara Rabbani and Josua Jeffrey Handopo exemplifies the university's dedication to shaping global citizens who can drive positive change and innovation on an international scale.

As they embark on this transformative academic journey, these students are poised to become ambassadors of Indonesian education, culture, and innovation. Their accomplishments resonate as a testament to the potential inherent in cross-border collaborations and international education, paving the way for further academic excellence and global contributions.



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